05 Aug 2020

The logistics data sharing infrastructure

The goal of this white paper is to provide guidance to the Topsector Logistics implementation program on the data sharing infrastructure as part of the priority theme ‘data driven logistics’, by:

  • describing the current developments in data sharing policy making and data sharing architectures,
  • identifying a structure and portfolio of key data sharing functions to be realized as generic, re-usable, services (building blocks), based on a representative set of use cases for the three application areas, and
  • providing a development roadmap as input for the implementation program.

This white paper may help logistics policy makers in defining innovation activities, the logistics sector in its quest to stay competitive and become more sustainable and logistics organizations to position themselves in the digital transformation towards the data driven ecosystem

This white paper originates in the DL4LD research project. It is the result of a collaboration effort between TNO, DL4LD project partners, the University of Twente, with active involvement of TKI Dinalog. Principal researchers have contributed from the DL4LD, the CLiCKS and the ICCOS projects.

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