05 Oct 2020

Assessing Resilience in Enterprise Architecture: A Systematic Review

This review paper aims to explore state-of-the-art research and scientific literature about Enterprise Architecture (EA) resilience. Based on a systematic literature review, 850 articles have been subjected to evaluation for relevance. Based on the findings in 58 selected papers, we conclude that the field of EA resilience is still in its infancy. We identified several definitions and classified six types of resilience measures, based on information type (qualitative/quantitative), the source of the disruption (internal/external), and the duration of the resilience (short-term/long-term). Based on the review, we found 19 metrics that are candidates for EA practitioners to consider for the design of measurement and assessment methods for EA resilience. In addition, we identified relevant research from Information Systems sub-domains and other sciences that can be incorporated to create a holistic view on EA resilience. Based on published definitions of resilience in the selected papers, we propose a definition of the concept of EA resilience. This definition is validated using expert opinion and creates a starting point for reasoning about EA resilience and future research.

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